Orange You Bold: Accessory storage made beautiful

Published 12:44 am Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. It seems like I started this column last week, but here we are today on the 20th column. Topics change every week and I am thrilled to chat about an ongoing dilemma in my life.

is that dilemma you ask? Storage.

Sure, we all have that one random piece of jewelry from a vacation that we want to keep forever, but we hardly ever wear it. The memories are what we are truly attached to.  Guess what you don’t necessarily have to toss that piece of jewelry. I am going to show you a fun way to make storage out of common items. You can store pieces that don’t have a place in your formal jewelry box.

I chose the inside of my closet door to install my holder.

The great thing about my nearly 100-year-old home is that it has solid wood everywhere. I grabbed a tape measure and measured the width of my closet door to determine the length of the board I would need to cut. I used a 1×4 piece of pine. I cut the board and sanded the ends lightly.

I decided to paint the board black, because I would be using black dry wall screws to hang my accessories. You do not have to decorate the board, but I thought a vinyl decal would be fresh and cute. I decided to use the words be beautiful in gold vinyl. I used my Cricut Expression machine to cut the decal out and applied it once the paint was completely dry.

For the last part you need screws, push pins or nails. I particularly like dry wall screws due to their pointy ends and how easily they screw into the wood. You can do this with a Phillips head screwdriver or with a handheld drill. You want to make sure your screw isn’t too long. You do not want the screw to go completely through your board.

Measuring is a great practice, but I didn’t find it necessary for this project. I simply glanced at the placement being careful to allow space for the accessory to hang in between the screws. I found that I could make a place for a vast amount of jewelry by keeping things simple.

The great thing about this piece is that you can make several and hang them down the length of your closet door. You are utilizing a space often not used. I have found it to be accommodating for scarves, hats and other accessories.

Now that you have the basics I would love to see you put your own spin on this project and send me photos to Your accessories are an avenue for your self-expression. Create this storage piece so you can hold on to those creative pieces a little longer. Use those pieces to be BOLD! OrangeYouBold….YES I AM