BC Super Lintzen addresses Cardinal seniors; graduation set for June 20

Published 12:42 pm Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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Special to the Leader:

Bridge City High School Graduating Class of 2020:

When you began the school year in August, we could see the excitement and anticipation that comes with the promise of your senior year at Bridge City High School.

No one could anticipate the disruption to life the pandemic known as COVID 19 would cause for everyone in the world. In a normal school year you would have shared many different experiences through participating in homecoming, senior nights, concerts, athletic championships, prom and finally your high school graduation.

Sometimes, as you have learned, things do not go exactly as planned. Life’s lessons can be learned in many ways through diverse experiences. The pandemic has allowed us to cherish the times we have with loved ones and friends.

As your superintendent, I am proud of the way you have handled this adversity.

This is a new challenge to our school district and community. In regards to traditional school events and ceremonies, I am just as disappointed as you are regarding the disruption to your final spring semester in high school, especially the celebrations. I understand and share your frustrations to not have your “moment in time” illustrating the years of hard work culminating in your successful performance whether in the classroom, on the court, on the field, or on stage. I want you to know that there are many people working diligently to ensure that you will emerge from this experience stronger than before.

The BCHS Administration and staff are working together to provide you the best possible experiences to complete your senior year. Earlier today (Tuesday), I met with BCHS Administration and campus leaders to discuss the numerous celebrations that are meaningful to our seniors.

I received input from the Class of 2020 senior leadership group regarding our graduation ceremony. We will honor your recommendation to postpone the graduation ceremony until June.

Based on the input from the BCHS campus including the student leaders please calendar the following event:

2020 BCHS Graduation Ceremony, Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 8 p.m. in the football stadium.

*We will share information regarding the number of people allowed to gather during an event with everyone at a date closer to the ceremony. This will allow the implementation of one of the contingency plans for the event.

I encourage you to demonstrate a strong finish to your academic studies for the final grading period of your senior year. We will be successful through patience, perseverance, and communication. I look forward to your graduation ceremony as well as the other celebrations throughout your final month as a BCHS senior.

Go Big Red!

Todd Lintzen, Superintendent