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LC-M CISD message concerning grading

A message for parents and guardians concerning grading for the 5th and 6th six weeks of school. Please…if you have questions, contact your child’s principal. Each e-address is listed in the message below…
Dear parents and guardians,

LCM will adjust grading guidelines, as needed, as students continue the Flexible Education Program.

For the fifth and sixth six weeks, students in kindergarten through eighth grade will receive a P for making progress or an NP for making no progress. Students in High School will continue to receive a numerical grade. The amount of work and grades being recorded may be reduced as students work from home.

If you have questions, please contact your child’s principal. The e-mails are:

LCM HS Ryan DuBose rdubose@lcmcisd.org
MMS Kimberly Cox kcox@lcmcisd.org
LCJH Jason Yeaman jyeaman@lcmcisd.org
MVE Carie Broussard cabroussard@lcmcisd.org
LCE Kayla Casey kcasey@lcmcisd.org
LCI Michael Ridout mridout@lcmcisd.org

STAY SAFE, Please!