Positive Highlights: Stay at Home is for the safety of the community

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Mary Ekene

It is very imperative in a challenging time like this for everyone to STAY HOME.  I agree this is a tough time for everyone to digest and our families have to process also, but we need to follow all of the CDC requirements.  

Mayor Larry Spears Jr. has given out a public notice that citizens will be fined who do not comply with the social distancing rules.  This is for YOUR SAFETY and your health. In this time, this should be the period to pray more, love more, read more, learn more, etc. 

 This should not be a time where people are complaining and worrying about idle things. The whole world is going through this pandemic, IT IS GOING TO TAKE ALL OF US to come together and follow all of the procedures to stay clean and healthy.  

There are people who suffer from depression and anxiety that may really need some people to talk to at this time. It is imperative to take the time to check on people who may be suffering silently with what is going on and be a positive tool for them.

We as a people should be more inclined to what is going on and be respectful of each other.  If we follow these simple practices, it will go a long way.

Practice good hygiene

Use disinfectant and hand sanitizer

Keep your immune system strong by taking in a lot of Vitamin C and water

Do plenty of exercises

Drink hot tea with plenty of lemon, hot water with plenty of lemon

Avoid touching your face

Wash, wash, wash your hands every chance you get

Do not kiss or touch people

Adhere to the social distancing rules

STAY HOME, CANNOT BE ANY CLEARER (unless you are an essential worker or need a necessity from the grocery store)


God is in control and we need to be in prayer and trust everything will come to pass.  Everyone, please be safe and healthy. I am praying for you all, I love you.

Mary Ekene/Activist & Author for Bring Positivity Back/Owner of LIVOL LLC/