Luigi’s keeps on churning out great food from ‘cool’ drive-thru

Published 12:16 pm Thursday, March 26, 2020

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When folks across the Orange County area have the craving of Italian Food, Luigi’s Italian Grill at 3105 Edgar Brown Drive has usually been the hot spot.

Whether or not customers are ordering their delicious strombolis, fettuccine alfredo, amazing pizza among many other awesome plates, they know they are getting something tasty.

And, of course, everyone knows about the wonderful customer service the restaurant has behind the leadership of owner Armend Hajdari and a tremendous staff that is always there with bright smiles and willing to serve their customers in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Like all other restaurants in the Southeast Texas area, Luigi’s is abiding by the rules due to the COVID-19 virus which has forced restaurants to close dine-in services but they can still utilize drive-through and delivery services.

“It has been challenging but it has been great to still be able to get food to so many of our customers,” said Hajdari. “We do miss all of those smiling faces that come in and dine with us but I’m still able to communicate with them through our drive-thru.”

Hajdari and employees made a very nice-looking make-shift drive-thru that has drawn nice raves throughout the community.

“We had no drive-thru service before so we knew we had to come up with something pretty quickly,” said Hajdari. “It’s worked out really well and people are saying so many neat things about it. We wanted to do what we could to keep things going. Instead of just deliveries, people can still come by here and pick up their food as well.”

The staff has shrunk considerably in restaurants across the country and that’s easy to understand.

“Some of our wait staff got scared and that’s understandable and we certainly didn’t want to put any of our staff in jeopardy of getting the dreaded virus and I know that is going on everywhere,” said Hajdari. “We are just going to keep praying and we can all overcome this.”

Delivery service is doing just fine for Luigi’s as well. Guber’s drivers are being kept busy.

“We just want to remain open and to keep feeding all of our great customers that have been great to us and our families,” said Hajdari. “We’re going to stay open. Just like everyone else, we’ve got to pay the bills. We want everyone to know we still have our full menu.”

Hopefully the food supply trucks will continue to provide restaurants across the country. They have been on cue so far.

“As long as we are getting the supplies and the food, we’re not ever going to stop,” said Hajdari. “We’ll survive, we just want to make sure everyone stays safe out there and do the right things. We just all need to keep praying and God will provide.”

One thing that will happen for sure is a big old smile through the crafty Luigi’s drive-thru – the smile of Armend Hajdari.