Bridge City issues Declaration of Disaster effective at midnight March 20, 2020

Published 5:29 pm Friday, March 20, 2020

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Bridge City Mayor David Rutledge issued a Declaration of Disaster on Friday due to the public health emergency of the coronavirus.

The declaration limits the size of gatherings to not more than 10 people and mandates the cancellation of all gatherings more than 10 until further notice. A “gathering” refers generally to a scheduled event or common endeavor where 10 persons are present in a confined space, room, or area, where safe and suggested social distancing can be met.

A 24 hours curfew shall be in place immediately throughout Bridge City for all individuals who are under the age of 18:

a. Are not in school;

b. Are not accompanied by school personnel, a parent or guardian, or;

c. Are not going directly to their place of employment or going directly home from that place of employment.

It also authorizes the City to take any actions necessary to promote health and suppress the virus, including the quarantine of persons and occupied structures, regulating ingress and egress from the City, regulating ingress and egress to occupied structures, establishment of quarantine stations, emergency hospitals, and insuring compliance for those who do not comply with the City’s rules, pursuant to Section 122.006 of the Health and Safety Code.

Read the entire declaration here: 200320.declaration of disaster