Positive Highlights: Stay prayerful and positive

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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Mary Ekene

In this time of crisis, it is very important for families to stay calm.  

In addition, with the COVID-19 and the other events going on in our communities, please remember now is the time to be prayerful and positive.  

It is not going to get any of us anywhere if we worry and continue to engage in all of the negative energy.  Businesses are closing early, restaurants are only allowing drive-through options, small businesses are suffering, schools are closing, and families are suffering with the events going on now in our society.  

It is our due diligence to keep our children calm, our babies safe, and the people we love safe.  Do not let social media and the news make you fear everyday life. PLEASE pray and keep a positive attitude through this crisis.  Now is the perfect time to show love to one another more, be more kind to one another and show more attention to the people you love. 

For parents, this is the perfect time to take this extra time to spend with your children.  It is a good opportunity to pray and really communicate with your children at home.  

Even though the world may be going chaotic, it would help the people around you if you stay calm and prayerful.  In a world so full of unexpected events, remember to let your attitude always be a part of the solution.  


Mary Ekene/Activist & Author for Bring Positivity Back, Owner of Livol, Crazy Faith Ministries