Story Over a Cup: When the mind goes blank

Published 9:48 am Monday, March 16, 2020

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Ever need to do something and suddenly your mind just goes blank?

It’s always those simple tasks, which most times, are second nature.

Then you have to draw on the talent and “poof,” just like that, it’s gone.

That’s me right now.

Usually, when it comes to a topic to write about, I can figure one out. My dogs are usually good for a column or two. Heck, I do so many stupid things, I could easily write an anthology just on that.

Not this time.

The boys and Jada have just been doing their thing. I have played handyman, but nothing worth writing about.

Which means I haven’t burnt down the house, yet.

So, what it all means, is I am stuck staring at a blank screen. Trying desperately to find a topic.

Any topic will really do at this moment.

So, I started texting people for ideas.

Talk politics. 

More than one person suggested I do a political column. No, I want to make people laugh.

Talk about the weather.

It’s Texas in March. 100 percent chance of mud.

Talk sports

I like Rugby and Baseball. I am not too versed in the ins and outs of the sports world and do not want to jump through hoops to research an article. It wouldn’t be cricket.

Talk Religion.

Not no, but hell no. Err, I guess I just did.

Talk about your wife.

After the last article, I almost had to enter the spousal relocation program. She knows where I live and when I sleep. I’ll pass.

How about a DIY article?

Have you seen me ever DIY anything? I can fix things, do not get me wrong, but there is just as good a chance I will have to redo it.

Write a fiction piece.

My editor would probably freak at the prospect of submitting a 30,000 word article. And probably would not want to publish a sci-fi thriller about space dogs as a column.

Besides, any story that began, “This time at band camp,” probably would not be considered.

So, I am now sitting here, in the dark, on my phone, as I ponder a topic.

For the simple fact I was playing with the A/C remote control and blew the breaker on the back part of the house…

So, I am without a topic, without lights, and probably just too lazy to go outside and flip the breaker.

Besides, isn’t that how horror movies start?


Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not writing, he is plotting global domination, except this week since he cannot think of a plan. You can follow him at