Man still trying to recover financially from wreck one year later

Published 2:14 pm Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


A wreck almost a year ago turned Theadore Berwick feeling like his life was turned upside down.

Berwick, of Orange, was on his way home from work in Louisiana when he was involved in a collision near Hwy. 27 and Ellis Moss Road in Hackberry, Louisiana.

“My car was totaled,” Berwick said. “I was shaken up and sore the next day.”

For Berwick, it was just the beginning.

His car was valued at $2,000 and it would cost $9,000 to repair. He was not surprised it was considered totaled.

While he did receive a citation for the incident, the case was dropped. 

“I was offered a deal from the word go,” Berwick said. “The first court date was delayed. The third time, two state troopers appeared, and the ticket was dismissed.”

But, Berwick cannot get out of his mind how the truck driver danced a jig after checking his phone when the officer wrote Berwick a ticket. 

“He started dancing after looking at his phone,” Berwick said. “Who does that at a wreck?”

Berwick received a ticket for failure to yield. 

According to the police report, Berwick was slowing down to make a left hand turn when the 18-wheeler attempted to pass him on the left side of the road.

Universal Citation LA Stat 32:76, no vehicle shall at any time be driven to the left side of the highway under the following conditions… (2) when approaching within one hundred feet of or traversing any intersection or railroad crossing.

The truck driver, according to the report, told the officer he went around Berwick to avoid striking the rear of the vehicle due to the truck driver following too close.

“Despite my ticket being dismissed, I have had no apology,” Berwick said. 

Berwick added he has tried to seek assistance for help in the situation.

“I missed church because I had to make more money a week to avoid the rental car,” Berwick said. “This was not a minor inconvenience.”

On top of losing time at work, he also spent $3,000 on a rental and $4,000 on a replacement vehicle. All while delaying needed house repairs.