Talking about parenting: Camp prepping for the memories to come

Published 11:33 pm Friday, March 6, 2020

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Chris Kovatch

This weekend marks the Orange Lions Club’s annual trip to Kerrville to visit the Texas Lions Camp. This trip is a decades-long tradition where members volunteer their time to help prepare the camp for the summer sessions. 

Many Lions and Leos Clubs from across the state make the trek to help in the preparations. While most clubs are assigned painting, cleaning or general gardening, our club has wielded chainsaws for as long as anyone can remember.

Cedar trees grow fast and furious in the Hill Country and choke out the more desirable oak trees, hence our club generally being tasked with their removal. We will also remove other dead or diseased trees as well.

Our trip to the camp is a great time for bonding with our members while lending a hand to one of our favorite causes within the Lions community. 

Texas Lions Camp provides a free summer camp to kids with physical disabilities, Down Syndrome, and Type 1 Diabetes. 

Almost every activity at the camp takes more than one person to accomplish, this helps reinforce the concept that we are not meant to be alone and that we can do great things if we work together.

Over the years, several students from Orange County have participated in the camp programs and recall fond memories of their time at camp.

We will post updates from the trip on our social media pages over the weekend, so be sure to keep an eye out. We hope it will give you a small glimpse into this amazing facility.

Also, if you are interested in getting involved in our Lions Club, please send an email to or send us a message through Facebook. We are always looking for motivated, community-minded individuals to help continue the legacy of our club.

Thanks for always supporting our events; without our community, they would not be possible.


Chris Kovatch is a resident of Orange County. You can reach him at