Free or earned? Which do you want?

Published 8:40 am Thursday, February 27, 2020

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J David Derosier

Have you noticed that the non-billionaire candidates for the Democrat Party Nomination for President are complaining that the rich guys, the billionaire candidates are trying to “buy” the elections with their own money?

But…did you know that, except for Mayor Pete and Tulsi Gabbard, the rest of the remaining field are millionaires? Published estimates of net worth are: Elizabeth Warren $12 million, Joe Biden $9 million, Bernie Sanders $2.5 million, and Amy Klobuchar $2 million.  And of the other 15 candidates that have dropped out, 13 are millionaires.

Do you really think they can relate directly with the other 95% of families in the United States that are not millionaires? They want you to believe that they do.

In my opinion, ALL of the Democrat candidates are trying to buy the election. The billionaires with their own money; the rest of them want to do it with someone else’s money.


Have you looked at all the free stuff the candidates are offering to the voters?

Healthcare: Free insurance, including for illegal immigrants; free coverage for trans-gender treatments; free long-term coverage in-home; free maternity homes, housing, transportation; free childcare, and expanding Medicaid for newborns.

Education: Free college; and wiping out existing student loans.

Illegal immigrants: Free insurance; citizenship for Dreamers; citizenship for those already here; free childcare; free college; decriminalizing illegal entry.

Housing: Expand low-income tax credits

 Employees: Double the minimum wage – to $15/hour; unionize public sector employees; unionize grad students; paid family leave; prohibiting non-compete agreements; employees get to elect 45% of Board of Directors; employees get to take control of 29% stakes in big corporations.

These are only the highlights from the various proposals by non-billionaires. AND THEY’RE ALL FREE!!

At least they’re supposed to be free to the recipients. However, I do think that someone has to pay for those expensive gifts. I wonder who??


 The expected Presidential Nominee for the Republican Party is another billionaire – Donald Trump. He doesn’t’ appear to be offering freebies. On the contrary, he’s offering a better economy (already proven) in which people can earn more. Earn more on their savings, earn more in their jobs, more jobs for those that didn’t have one (look at the improved unemployment rates – especially for minorities).

Which concept do you think is better for America?  Free, or Earn it?

I’ll go for the Earn It method. That’s how I was raised.


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