From the editor: Being prepared is more than a Boy Scout motto

Published 11:52 am Thursday, February 6, 2020

Dawn Burleigh, Editor

Staying prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse may not be the right reason to store extra food and supplies, but one is at least prepared.

Attending the 8th annual Southeast Texas/Southwest Louisiana 2018 Crisis Preparation and Sustainable Living Expo was eye-opening. While having expectations on the information I would discover at the event, it was a wealth of knowledge on staying prepared.

In South East Texas, we know we need to prepare for hurricanes before the season begins in June. Then, on the last day of the season, we breathe a sigh of relief when the supplies gathered were unused.

The past couple of years have shown us Mother Nature is not playing nice. From the Deweyville Flood in 2016 to Harvey in 2017, Imelda in 2019 and flooding events in between, being prepared before the storm is important.

This Saturday is the 10th Annual Southeast Texas/Southwest Louisiana Crisis Preparation and Sustainable Living Expo. It offers a variety of ways to be prepared in a crisis, natural or manmade.

From camping skills to soapmaking, the expo has something for every ‘prepper’ from those just starting out to veterans.

While prepper is defined as a person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies, being prepared for the worse while hoping for the best is something we all do when we see a tropical disturbance in the Gulf.

If you are unsure of what you should do to prepare, attend the expo this Friday and Saturday. 

Prepping is something we do for the big football game while planning for Thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas get-togethers or even a special party to honor a friend or loved one. What is wrong with prepping for the hurricane season?

By planning now, you can avoid the mad dash to the stores at the last minute. Imagine have one less thing to worry about as you and your family await word where the storm will strike? You could be ready, with a plan and supplies and just need to grab your go-bag and, well, go.


Dawn Burleigh is the general manager and editor of The Orange Leader. She can be reached at