Adopt-a Street Program in Orange is expanding

Published 7:10 am Wednesday, February 5, 2020

To The Leader


Director of Planning and Community Development in the City of Orange Kelvin Knauf recently welcomed the Orange County Democratic Party into the family of the Adopt-a-Street program.  

He confirmed that the Democrats are working to make Orange a more attractive place to live, work and play by adopting a section of Park Avenue.  

A sign acknowledging the Democrats has been ordered and will soon be posted on Park Avenue from 15th Street to the railroad tracks.

“We felt like this was an area that needed attention,” said Kelli Patin. 

Marci Patronelli observed, “Barnett’s Upholstery on the other side of the railroad tracks keeps their area so neat. We wanted to add to their effort and see the whole block improve!”  

Deborah Bednar commented, “Plus, Keep Orange County Beautiful has been working with the City of Orange to get people interested in the Adopt-a-Street program again.”

The group met this weekend to put their words into action.  Taking “Before and After” pictures really show how much better the intersection by the railroad tracks looks after just a few minutes of work to gather bottles, cans, and assorted trash that passersby’s have thrown out of their car windows. 

In total, the group collected six large bags of trash in about 90 minutes.

If your group is interested in joining the Adopt-a-Street program and joining the Orange County Democrats in making our city and county a great place to live, please contact Kelvin Knauf at 409-883-1034.  

See you on the streets of Orange.