Letter of introduction: Mooney seeks Sheriff position

Published 7:47 pm Wednesday, January 29, 2020

My name is Jimmy Lane Mooney and I am the Current Pct. 4 Constable in Orange County, Texas and I have been in this position for the last three years.

I am 55 years young and married to my beautiful wife, Michelle Mooney, for 33 years. We have two sons, Marshall and Matthew Mooney.

I have owned two businesses here in Orange County; Giant Pest Control and Mooney Boys Jiu-Jitsu.

I currently co-own Mooney Boys Jiu-Jitsu with my son, Marshall and my wife, Michelle.

I also serve as a director for the Vidor Chamber of Commerce.

I currently serve as a Non-Commissioned Officer for the Texas Military Department within the Texas State Guard.

I am an active member and participate in Search and Rescue Missions and Training. I teach our units hand to hand combat and self-defense. We are instrumental in setting up and running shelters in the time of need. We serve at the pleasure of the Governor of Texas.

I have been a licensed Peace Officer in the State of Texas for over 31 years and I have more than 2200 hours of TCOLE training.

I currently hold a Master Peace Officer Certificate, and I’ve been chipping away at my degree at Lamar University.

I’m a recent graduate of the Prestigious, Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute Leadership Training program from Sam Houston State University.

Recently completed the Texas Police Association Leadership Training course.

I’ve had a great career in law enforcement and have done some great things for our City, County, and State. I’ve honed my craft mostly in narcotics.

In my career, I’ve worked as a street cop, a detective, narcotics investigator, criminal and narcotics interdiction officer, undercover operative, handled three successful Certified K-9 partners, patrol shift sergeant, I was a member of the Orange County SWAT Team and served as an operator and assistant team leader. I was also on the Task Force SWAT team and served as a Team leader/operator. I currently provide security for the Justice of the Peace Court and the head of security at a local church.

Ladies and gentleman, I’m a man of the people and a duty-bound individual, when I sign my name on the dotted line, I will be there for you!!!!

I have worked my whole career to become Sheriff of Orange County, and the time draws near.

I am the ONLY Candidate for Sheriff that has the desire, the Passion, and determination to do this job and do it well.

I will be here for all of the EMPLOYEES and the CITIZENS of ORANGE COUNTY.

Again, this has been a career-long preparation for me, to represent you as Sheriff, not a decision made on a whim!

In closing, I ask that you join me, because ladies and gentlemen, “I WON’T- QUIT YOU”.