Gothia seeks to keep County Judge seat

Published 9:15 am Saturday, January 25, 2020

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange leader 


When County Judge John Gothia decided to run for commissioner, he did not anticipate finishing the term as the county judge. Now serving in the position, he is seeking to keep the position in the upcoming elections.

“When I ran for commissioner it was to be a part of seeing the county grow,” Gothia said. 

He wanted to get involved with the process here, wanted involvement with his community, so the decision to run then was an easy one for him.

“We have an opportunity in front of us to see it happen,” Gothia said. “Instead of talking about it and not doing anything, I want to be part of the change. Being in an elected office gives me opportunities to be a part of that.”

He admits the storms such as Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Imelda have brought drainage to the top of the list.

“Weather events have caused flooding in places where it had not flooded before,” Gothia said. 

Projects such as drainage are reasons Gothia seeks to stay on the court. 

“Drainage takes a long time,” Gothia said. “Money is needed for improvement, surveys, and projects. We do not want to negatively affect someplace downstream.”

The weather events, according to Gothia, have created a regional group effort among the counties to work together on drainage issues.

“If they do something in Jasper County, it could impact further downstream,” Gothia said. “Now we are working together. It is not that it was bad in the past, just not necessary then.”

 A lifelong Orange County resident, Gothia describes it as a great place to live.

“I want my family to remain here and for that, they need to have the opportunity to work,” Gothia said. “We need economic growth and work opportunities. If you are an outdoors person, Orange County is hard to beat.”

Gothia has already seen positive economic changes on a smaller scale and said there are larger projects in the works.

Gothia is married to Glynis Wright Gothia, a Bridge City ISD teacher. They have two sons.

He has been endorsed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Association.

John Gothia, a Republican, is running against Ernest Bayard, also a Republican, for Orange County Judge. Primary Election is March 3, 2020.