Talking about parenting: Making your children your focus, priority

Published 2:35 pm Saturday, January 11, 2020

Chris Kovatch

I have been looking for ways to spend more time with my kids and let them experience new places. 

In the past year, we have made a few camping trips and have several more planned for 2020. 

Initially, I tested their interest and we began with tent camping. While I applaud those who are able to excel in this area, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. 

After a few trips, I began to sell Christi on the idea of getting a small pop-up camper. While Christi is not a camper, she was supportive of this idea and we began the process of looking for a nice used camper to begin to use. 

Luck would have it that we found one almost immediately and that was in pristine shape.

Thus, began our foray into trailer camping. 

Those who know me know that I tend to over plan for things. I began to assemble every supply that I could conceivably need. 

Let me just say, if we ever experience a zombie apocalypse, my camper is ready for just about anything you throw at it.

We have visited Village Creek, Sam Houston Jones, Martin Dies, and a few other parks as part of our travels. 

I haven’t traveled extremely far as I wanted to work out the kinks of the process and ensure everything was road worthy.

What I love most about these trips is seeing the kids unplug from the world and be kids. Whether we are hiking, building a campfire, or tossing a football-things are so much simpler. 

They enjoy being outside and everything it offers. They get excited by S’mores and Dad cooking breakfast on a tiny Coleman stove. They love to look at the stars and stay up late talking in the camper.

I hope that as they grow up that they look back on these trips fondly and do the same for their families. 

It is important to find things that keep us together rather than pull us apart. 

Taking time to find something that you can do with your kids is paramount. 

At this point in my life, the things I do aren’t about me; it’s about them. They are my focus and my priority. 

I hope they know that.


Chris Kovatch is a resident of Orange County. You can reach him at