Published 2:05 pm Saturday, January 11, 2020

“LIFE MATTERS” We are human beings that see the world threw our eye site. Respect, love, family, standing for something, righteousness in every aspect. 

God made everybody equal. He made us to love one another, bless us with occupations to take care of our families. He didn’t bless us with jobs to take advantage of one another. 

We must stand up to the people that try to take advantage of us wit they’re occupations. It starts with the people., let’s do da numbers on da people that work for the occupation. 

The people outweigh the da jobs 90% 10%. So it doesn’t make a difference about da occupations, it is the people that make da world go around not the money. 

U can take all the money out this world, who gon be here to spend it. no job determines a man or a woman’s lifespan. 

So when it comes down to using excessive force, planting drugs on da people, braking the laws any kind of way. Searching wit out warrants, shooting our people, because u hate or u feel like u in da clouds because of your job. You must be removed. 

In when things like this happen, we gotta to attack this da situation from all angles, hitting da target. 

We go to da city hall, we attack da internet, internal affairs, general attorneys we attack da news we get everyone involved this world. this world is one, its no separate country. 

We the people are one. Everybody is relatable. Love out powers anything. 

A brother that I new for years. I heard about his situation, I started doing my research on his case. 

My research ended up at the Baytown police station. From stories like them attacking Kedrick, for charging up his phone because he wanted to have communication to speak with his mother. 

Being stereotyped because of the color of his skin. 

From cops running in a house party attacking people from women to fathers to kids, from slamming a guy because he was just checking on two of his friends at a bar because the cops were attacking them for nothing put them in handcuffs over a conversation. 

What about Mrs. Pamela Turner being shot repeatly, being harassed by da same cop. She screamed she was pregnant several times, he didn’t even take that in consideration, these stories are just a few sentences, but its plenty more to go. 

July 6, 2019 Baytown officers released six minutes and 48 seconds of Kedrick Crawford. A Baytown native, Baytown police say Crawford was acting suspiciously late Saturday night when he was parked in an H.E.B. parking lot on Garth Road. They asked for consent to search his car, he gave consent and within five seconds of asking. Whenever man, whenever the officer replied. 

The officer then asked Crawford to put his hands behind his back police say he was resisting and not complying with orders. Officers used a taser on him multiple times because it was ineffective, police said. It took them about four minutes to get both hands in handcuffs. Crawford show abc13 the gas on his face, scapes and severe bruising, he suffered from the struggle. He says the officers used excessive force. They don’t have an excuse to beat a man into submission period. Crawford said. I didn’t have a weapon. 

Crawford was not armed. 

Baytown police say pills the officers found in his trunk appeared to be packed or were ready to be sold. According to Crawford, they were antibiotics he was prescribed for a spider bite. that is why he was being handcuffed. Crawford was tased over in over screaming they try to kill me somebody help me, he had nobody.

They tried to kill Crawford. 

They were trying to take his life take him from his mother his kids his family, that love him so much. 

Put yourself in Kedrick shoes u go from charging up your phone to fighting for your life. 

He just wanted to get in contact with his mother. Instead, he got in contact wit cops that was full of  hatred in was walking in da clouds wit they’re occupations

Fred Atkinson is a resident of Orange, Texas. This was written in his words to express how he feels about the police brutality in Baytown, Texas. To contact him, email news@orangeleader.com. All emails will be forwarded to him. Or email freddagreat@yahoo.com