Talking about parenting: New year offers new beginnings

Published 1:16 pm Saturday, January 4, 2020

Chris Kovatch

The New Year always brings with it a renewed sense of focus in our household. 

Christmas decorations are stowed away in the attic and things return to whatever normal is for us at the point in time. 

This return to normalcy also brings with it a chance to start over, a clean slate if you will. 

It gives us the opportunity to try do things a little better than we did in the previous year.

The new year brings with us a whole new array of possibilities. 

A year of birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. It will also bring failures, loss, and the unexpected. Some of the experiences that are in store for us we will have no control over. 

It’s the experience of life in its truest form. 

There are some aspects that we can control or influence. It’s these areas that we must train our focus on. It’s these areas where we can have our greatest impact on others and our world.

This year, I haven’t made a resolution to lose weight or declutter my house. 

I haven’t considered ways to earn more money and I am not planning to add another child to our brood. (Thank goodness!) 

What I have decided is to make decisions from the perspective of how it will affect my time with my family. 

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow so it’s paramount to make today the best it can be. 

I plan to also look for things that I can do with my family instead of apart from them. 

Finally, I want to take the time to write a book. I want to write to my kids about things that are important as they grow up. Lessons that sometimes we must learn by failure and lessons that can save us from hurt. 

I fully intend to be a crochety old grandfather someday, but my plans are not always what happens. I want to plan for the unexpected and hope for the best.

I truly feel that these areas of focus are ones where I can truly change how 2020 looks for me and my family. 

Words are just words until they are put into action. 

A favorite proverb of mine is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. 

Too often our plans never come to fruition. We let them die before we even give them a chance to live. 

This year I will make things happen. 

I will put in the work to meet my goals. 

Take the time to focus on goals that are impactful to your life. 

Set your sight on them and commit to them. 

Follow through with the work it will take to get there. 

In the end, it will all be worth it.


Chris Kovatch is a resident of Orange County. You can reach him at