Christmas in the Navy a success

Published 8:04 pm Tuesday, December 24, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Children were ready and waiting when people arrived to start setting up for the inaugural Christmas Bash on Saturday at Navy Park City Park.

A group of residents planned the event in hopes of bringing the community together and to show the area commonly called ‘the navy’ was not a forgotten part of the city of Orange.

LaToya Overstreet described the event as “the mind child of Marsi and Louis Ackerman, Kelly Patin, and myself.”

Christmas in the navy was so beautiful and I couldn’t ask for more,” Overstreet said after the event. “We were able to give out over 200 stocking and nearly double that in links! We feed hearts, spirits, and tummies.”

Overstreet, with the help of Councilmember Paul Burch and Raul Burch, handed out links hot off the barbecue pit. Council member Terrie Salter was also nearby.

To see people from out of the Navy, pull up, park and come fellowship, hang out in my “hood”, and talk to people they otherwise probably wouldn’t is an unexplainable joy,” Overstreet said.

One child told Santa he did not want anything for Christmas. 

“I have a stocking for you,” Santa told him. 

The young boy took the stocking and was seen running through the neighborhood holding onto the stocking with pride. 

“I have to give a shout out to Councilman Brad Childs,” Overstreet said. “Those fidget spinners were the “belle of the ball” today.”

Those who helped make the event happen are:

  • Chris Kovatch
  • Lifechurch
  • Raul A Burch
  • Deborah Bednar
  • Sue Little
  • Terrie Turner Salter
  • Brad Childs
  • Angie Benoit Lane
  • Caroline Mazzola Hennigan
  • Joyce Hudnall Blanchette
  • Mary Ekene
  • Larry Spears Jr.
  • Xavier Alexander King Sr.
  • Tiffany Overstreet
  • Tommy Wilson
  • Mona Richard
  • Kelli Patin
  • Louis Ackerman
  • Marsi Patronella-Ackerman
  • Paul Burch
  • Looking Good Salon
  • Sewwhat
  • Livol
  • Childs Hardware
  • Angie Benoit (local realtor)