Officers giving gift certificates to spread holiday cheer

Published 3:52 pm Thursday, December 19, 2019

To The Leader

Pinehurst Police Officer Joshua Lockett made several traffic stops in Pinehurst today. Usually that is not news but today was a little bit different.

Instead of issuing citations, he issued gift certificates provided by Pinehurst businesses who decided to give back to the community and spread holiday cheer.

Chief Fred R. Hanauer III said, “This type of program has been done before but dispatcher Leslie Werner came up with the idea for the Pinehurst Police Department and spear-headed it.  So often the public only has negative dealings with police officers. This shows that police officers are caring and compassionate and often have a positive impact on those whose paths they cross.”

The program will continue until all gift certificates have been distributed.

The businesses who donated the gift certificates, which ranged from $10 to $50 include:

The Pink Rooster located at 2492 MLK Jr. Drive

Nan’s Floral located at 1605 Strickland Drive

Robert’s Meat Market and Steak House located at 3720 West Park,

Rocky’s Subway located at 2496 MLK Jr. Drive,

Chili’s located at 292 Strickland Drive,

Lucy’s Bakery and Cafe located at 2488 MLK Jr. Drive,

The Beauty Bar located at 2496 MLK Jr. Drive

and The Orange Magnolia located at 2496 Strickland Drive.