Pinehurst honors Captain/Chaplain for 36 years of service

Published 2:56 pm Sunday, December 15, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


PINEHURST — City of Pinehurst Volunteer Fire Department honored one of its own on Tuesday. 

Captain/Chaplain Randy Anding, after 36 years of serving as a volunteer with the department, is retiring. 

“One is special to be a volunteer with the fire department,” Fire Chief Shon Brenham said. “To serve for 36 years is outstanding. We appreciate the knowledge and experience you have shared over the years.”

Anding was presented with a plaque and a $360 gift card.

“We tried to find a way to round 36 and came up with $360,” Brenham said with a smile.

Anding told the volunteers and Ladies Auxiliary to hang in there.

“Watch yourself going to a scene and coming back,” Anding said. 

The department gave Anding a standing ovation and in turn, he shook each one’s hand.

“We use to be one of the smaller fire departments,” Brenham said.  “We also serve on the sidelines, such as on Black Friday. We escorted ladies to their car. People tend to think twice about a person with a badge. We use the badge to make those safe.”

The department also assisted Vidor with a function.

“We get calls asking if we can help with…” Brenham said. “We want to be out there and appreciate that places have that much respect for our department.”

Former Lamar State College-Orange President Dr. J Michael Shahan was appointed to serve as Alderman until the May 2020 election for the position vacated by Dan Mohon when he was appointed Mayor.