Lions Club plans to plant pecan trees

Published 5:08 pm Saturday, December 7, 2019

By Sheri Bethard

To The Leader


The Orange Lions Club in association with the Orange County Master Gardeners Association has developed a program of planting pecan trees, the State Tree of Texas, around Orange County this coming spring. 

One of the Lions Club members has donated the funds for purchasing the trees, and all necessary materials for planting them. The Master Gardeners is helping the Lions Club secure the best quality pecan trees for Orange County at the most reasonable prices. 

Both clubs will be working together on planting the trees in the County, along with the Bridge City Lions Club helping plant in the Bridge City area.

The selection of places for tree planting is limited to County, City, School, Parks, Churches and other non-profit organizations that are interested in having the trees. 

We have asked a minimum of two pecan trees to be planted on sites to ensure proper pollination between the trees for nut production. 

The variety of pecan trees we selected are Jackson, Kanza, and Sumner. These are Type I and Type II trees, as you need a combination of each for successful pollination. 

These trees are nursery stock grafted trees that will produce bountiful crops of large paper shell pecans. These trees are resistant to pecan scab. They should start producing pecans in five to seven years after planting. 

The Jackson Variety is originally from Southern Mississippi and will eventually produce about 30 nuts per pound. It is very disease resistant. It is a Type I tree. 

The Kanza variety is a compact, easily, shelled nut with outstanding flavor and is disease resistant and ripens in early October. It is a Type II tree. 

The Sumner variety is an early producer of large, high-quality nuts being a Type II tree. 

We are hoping these pecan trees will enhance our environment in Orange County, as all trees are an important part of our world. 

They provide wood for building and pulp for making paper along with homes for all kinds of insects, birds and other animals. 

Many fruits and nuts come from trees like pecan, oranges, apples, walnuts, pears, and peaches. Some trees are used for making syrup.

Trees are also a very important part of your daily life. Without trees and plants we would be limited on the amount of oxygen we would have to breathe. 

Trees and plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They also provide us shade in the summer keeping us cooler than being in the sun. Trees, with the help of their immense root system help keep erosion down, keep the soil in place. Trees take in a lot of water and when removed and replaced by concrete, additional water runoff is seen and at times causing flooding.

We are looking forward to providing Orange County starting with 150 Texas Pecan Trees early next year. 

We additionally are looking to plant in the following years, Artic and Orange Frost Satsuma trees along with Fuji Persimmon trees in the County. 

All trees will be dressed with mulch when planted. 

If your public entity, school or organization is interested in participating in our project in the future please contact Ralph Thon at .