Positive Highlights: Count your blessing this Thanksgiving

Published 7:26 pm Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Mary Ekene

When God has put people in your life that serves you great peace, those are the people you do not take for granted. We all go through the trials of life, but He sends those specific people to be a light in your darkness.  

This Thanksgiving, when you are giving thanks, remember not to only thank God for the good things you go through but for every trial.  People are dying left and right every day, sex trafficking has become the new prostitution rave and the division between parents and their children is an all-time high. 

 This is the time to seriously COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS AND NOT YOUR PROBLEMS.  This holiday as you sit at the table with your family remember why you still exist.  You should make it a priority to be a positive influence in someone’s life and be that difference in their life.

At this moment, this very period in your life love and appreciate the people around you, be thankful for your blessings and be encouraged in your trials.  There are several people who have lost loved ones and who are grieving, to those people May God continue to be your peace.  


I pray that everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and are thankful or just being here.  Tell the people you love, you love, them and continue to be a blessing in their life. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!


Mary Ekene/ Author and Activist for Bring Positivity Back/Owner & Founder of Livol/Ministry of Crazy Faith