Mauriceville Municipal Utility District returns $67,360 to customers

Published 10:19 pm Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Special to the Leader

The MMUD Board of Directors is excited to authorize a one-time credit of $20.00 to each of our 3,368 customers that will automatically appear on bills due December 1, 2019. We are able to return a total of $67,360.00 back to our customers and remain grateful for your support and trust in us.

The ability to extend these credits is the result of major improvements over the last 17 months attributed to the financial oversight and accountability of the utility district’s new general manager, as well as the hard work, professionalism, and accountability from his staff of 15 employees. During this same 17-month period, major improvements have been made and are underway in customer service, purchasing, maintenance, and operations. The board continues to see the utility district headed in the right direction because of the strong personal commitment of our district’s employees.
On the operations and infrastructure side, all of our well sites, wastewater lift stations, and wastewater treatment plant are 100% operational and well maintained. We have provided the necessary equipment and vehicles for our employees to be productive. We have also built a state-of-the-art office building, utilizing insurance proceeds and FEMA funding, that by GOD’s blessing it would appear, was completed and moved into by the office staff the day before Tropical Storm Imelda’s flooding began.

We continue to provide around-the-clock responses to customer emergency needs 365 days a year. We no longer hire contractors to do our water and sewer installations and have realized in-house savings and response time improvements that have enabled us to reduce the average wait time for new installations from three months to less than three weeks. Because of this, we were able to install 121 customer water and sewer systems during the past 15 months.

We do not receive any portion of locally levied taxes and we have not had a rate increase in over 10 years in spite of ever-increasing state licensing and regulation fees, such as was the driver for our $400K wastewater chlorination facility completed in 2015, and ever-increasing material, chemical, and labor costs in general over the last decade. Board members serve voluntarily and the district is continuing to pay off our bonds at a rate of $1.7M annually.

The board and management of the Mauriceville Municipal Utility District recognize that these funds belong to our customers and should be returned to them. That this is a good faith acknowledgment that our Utility District’s purpose is to serve our customers. We are grateful for the support of our community and intend to continue to operate in a professional business-like manner. We operate this Utility District in trust for our customers.