LETTER OF INTRODUCTION: Strause seeks Sheriff’s office

Published 12:46 pm Saturday, November 23, 2019

My name is Robert Strause and I would like to announce my candidacy for the Office of Sheriff of Orange County.  I am an Orangefield resident and have committed my entire Law Enforcement career to protect and serve the citizen’s Orange County.  I have a 15-year-old son, Cody, who attends Orangefield High School. Cody and I attend Bridge Point Fellowship Church in Bridge City. 

I believe I have proven my dedication to the citizens of Orange County and want to continue to serve them in the fullest capacity possible.  I am committed to a proactive approach of Law Enforcement and believe this approach would alleviate persistent street-level crimes our neighborhoods are continually plagued with.  


Qualifications / Appointments / Achievements:


  • licensed with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer

Standards and Education as a Master Peace Officer.

  • over  2000 training hours with an emphasis on Investigations and Narcotics
  • graduated 2nd in class from Lamar Regional Police Academy
  • 5 years United States Army / Artillery 
  • 5 years United States Coast Guard / Law Enforcement
  • 25 years of Law Enforcement experience
  • Orange County District Attorney’s Office 1997
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office 1998 / Special Services Division
  • Elected Constable Pct. 2 in 2009
  • Dual commissioned  with Pinehurst Police Department in 2012
  • An investigator for Orange County Sheriff’s Office 2013
  • Promoted to Lieutenant  in OSO Special Services Division in 2014
  • Developed/operated highly effective OSO Street Crimes Unit
  • Involved in numerous Federal Task Force Investigations
  • Criminal Interdiction, Street Crimes, Property Crimes, Narcotics
  • Experienced in supervision, budgeting, asset forfeiture funds
  • well-developed working relationship with local, state, and federal Law Enforcement Agents/Agencies from Houston to Calcasieu Parish
  • Knowledge, Experience, Dedication, Desire


If elected Sheriff, I would focus on training deputies and implementing programs that would target street-level criminals to reduce the number of drugs, theft, and property crimes; all with NO added tax burden to the citizens.   I have been successfully working countywide and pledge my continued dedication to all citizens and areas of Orange County.