All-District 12-3A D1 Football Team; plenty of Bobcats

Published 9:37 am Saturday, November 23, 2019

Here is the All-District 12-3A Division I Football Team as selected by the 12-3A head coaches:

CO-DISTRICT MVPS: Ernest Ceasar, East Chambers; Nolton Shelvin, East Chambers

OFFENSIVE MVP: Foster Kruezer, Anahuac

DEFENSIVE MVP: Christian Simien, East Chambers

CO-NEWCOMERS OF THE YEAR: Jacoby Perrault, East Chambers; Cal Jones Kirbyville

CO-LINEMAN OF THE YEAR: Payton Martin, East Chambers; Paul Thonsgaard, Hardin

COACH OF THE YAR: Russ Sutherland, East Chambers




Quarterbacks: Austin Potetz, Hardin; Michael Mouton, Warren

Running backs: Jake Menard, Buna; Chase Broussard, Orangefield; Landyn Fanus, Anahuac

Receivers: Matt Tidwell, Hardin; Caster Brandon, Kirbyville; Blaine Marks, Buna; Zyon Clark, Anahuac

Tight end: Trenton Dickey, Hardin

Center: Colin Broussard, East Chambers

Guards: Wade Walsh, Woodville; Trey Hatton, Woodville; Connor Tait, Orangefield

Tackles: Kyler Metts, Orangefield; Joel Sitton, Buna

Kicker: Jose Chavez, East Chambers



Tackles: James Henry, Anahuac; D’Quincy Wise, Woodville; Colby Gonzales, Orangefield

Ends: Hunter Ashworth, Orangfield; Pop Prejean, Woodville

Inside linebackers: Isaiah Hart, East Chambers; Trenton Dickey, Hardin

Outside linebackers: Zackary Busby, East Chambers; Heston Puckett, Orangefield; Foster Kreuzer, Anahuac

Cornerbacks: Logan Moss, Buna; Ryan Sharp, Warren

Safeties: Zyon Clark, Anahuac; Keyrin Green, East Chambers; Austin potez, Hardin; Clayson Choate, Orangefield; Blaine Marks, Buna.

Punter: Trevcor Green, Woodville




Quarterback: Dylan Graffagnino, Buna

Running backs: Keon Chatman, Woodville; Jaylon Hyder, Woodville; Kadeon Evans, Orangefield; Landon Corbitt, Anahuac

Receiver: Alejandro Lopez, East Chambers

Tight end: Mason Sampson, Orangefield; Karson Goldman, Buna

Centers: Trace Marks, Buna; David Wood, Anahuac

Guards: Brandon Silcox, East Chambers; Tristan Stewart, East Chambers; Coby Coulter, Orangefield; Eli Burns, Anahuac

Tackles: Colby Barrett, Hardin; Will Barrett, Hardin; Blake Bailey, Kirbyville

Kicker: Tyler Greet, Woodville



Tackles: Willie Sanchez, Anahuac; Slade Parnell, East Chambers; Brady Bellow, Orangefield; Arnoldo Rodriguez, Anahuac

Ends: Kayson Dubois, Orangefield; Shane Hoist, Hardin

Inside linebackers: Mason Schepf, East Chambers; Jacorey Hyder, Woodville; Nick Traylor, Woodville; Coy Fussell, Kirbyville; Kale Knox, Buna

Outside linebackers: Kent Michael, Orangefield; Colt Kibodeaux, Buna; Collin Stanley, Warren; Landon Corbitt, Anahuac

Cornerback: Jacory Perrault, East Chambers

Safeties: Chase Broussard, Orangefield; Cal Jones, Kirbyville; Brayden Guillory, East Chambers

Punter: Ryan Sharp, Warren



Trent Guidry, East Chambers; Clayson Choate, Orangefield; Christian Sanchez, Anahuac; Ashton Alexander, Buna; Jermiah Juarez, Warfren; Cal Jones, Kirbyville; Caden Elmore, Hardin.