Letter of introduction: Ortego seeks Constable Precinct 4 position

Published 11:26 am Saturday, November 16, 2019

Matthew Ortego

I am Matthew Ortego your Candidate for Constable Precinct 4 in Orange County.

Many of you know me for my time as Vidor City Councilman and as a law enforcement officer for the Vidor Independent School District.

I have lived in Precinct 4 and Vidor all of my life. I have enjoyed service to my community along with my wife Kendra along with our two children. My parents David and Debbie Ortego have also lived here for over 40 years.

My career began with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department as a Corrections Officer. I was educated in law enforcement at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Academy which is known for being one of the best. In most cases, their training exceeds the requirements of TCOLE (Texas Commission On Law Enforcement).


My Experience:

-Reserve Deputy Constable under two different Precinct 4 Constables.

-Police Officer for the Vidor Independent School District under the guidance and direction of Captain Jerry Parker a 40 year police veteran and former Vidor Police Chief.

-Deputy Sheriff – Newton County under then Sheriff Joe Walker.

-Deputy Sheriff – Patrol Lieutenant Jasper County Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Mitchel Newman.

-Teacher – Criminal Justice grades 9 – 12th grades at Silsbee High School.


My Certifications:

-Certified Peace Officer, State of Texas

-Certified Field Training Officer

-Certified Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Instructor. Having credentials to teach at Police Academy.

-Certified Taser Instructor

-Certified Classroom teacher, (Certified by the TEA)

-Licensed Corrections Officer


Commitment to my neighbors of PCT 4

It is my strong desire to serve my fellow citizens of Precinct 4 as your next Constable. I am community minded and have a servant’s heart. I will work hard to assist you the citizens of Precinct 4 in Orange County.

My commitment to you, the citizens of Precinct 4:

-I will maintain an open door policy.

-I will make myself or my staff available to the citizens of Precinct 4 If you need my assistance and that of my office I and we will be available.

-I am committed to assisting all other law enforcement agencies as the need arises in order to better serve you the people of Precinct 4 and Orange County.

-I will be available to fulfill service of process papers.

-I will act as PCT. 4 Justice of the Peace Court Bailiff anytime court is in session.

-I will have a policy of actively assisting in patrol of our neighborhoods. My presence in your neighborhoods will not be limited only to the times I may be there serving civil process. You will not only see me at election time.

I have been encouraged to seek this office by Jimmy Lane Mooney and have his full support. I will appreciate your vote and the opportunity to serve as your next Constable for Precinct 4 in Orange County.