Day care agrees to $2M settlement with family of baby who suffered burns

Published 10:41 am Friday, November 15, 2019

BEAUMONT – A local day care will pay a $2 million settlement to the family of an 8-month-old girl who was severely burned by scalding water while in its care.

According to the lawsuit, the accident occurred in October 2017 when day care employees left a Crockpot unattended. The slow cooker, used as a baby bottle warmer, was tipped over by a toddler. The scalding water splashed on the baby causing second- and third-degree burns over 14 percent of her body.

“These parents received the worst news of their lives when they learned their child had been severely burned and was being rushed to the emergency room,” said Provost Umphrey lawyer Bryan Blevins. “It’s a call no parent should get when they entrust their child to a licensed and regulated day care. We can’t turn back the clock, but we are glad to have helped them obtain the resources necessary to meet their child’s medical, physical and emotional needs for the rest of her life.”

The day care operator agreed to resolve the matter within the $2 million limit of its insurance coverage. A lawsuit was filed to obtain court approval. Blevins commended the day care for its response.

“Although this accident should never have happened, employees of the day care accompanied the child to the emergency room. The day care has since taken action to make their infant care area safer and has agreed to resolve the matter without putting the family through the further trauma of litigation.”