Positive highlights: Artist uses make-up as her medium

Published 1:19 pm Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Mary Ekene

Amber Branch is a proud mother of a son and a daughter. She moved to Orange, Texas from California in 1994. 

She states she never wore makeup growing up and her journey started in 2014.  

“What I love about makeup is the art side and the people I meet,” Branch stated to me.  “I love when clients send me selfies and post my work on social media.”  

Amber Branch struggled with a name or her business and then came with the name Blackgirlab Beats Amber.  She said it was perfect because it was her alter ego.  

“Most people do not know me, so I find it empowering for people to know me on this level,” Branch said.

She continues to share with me how much she loves to play in make- up and loves to learn new knowledge about make up.  

“I love that feeling when you hand someone a mirror and you know you’ve made them feel good,” Branch expressed.

Amber Branch, the City of Orange is proud of you and continues to do a great job one beat at a time!


Mary Ekene/ Activist/Author of Bring Positivity Back, Owner/Founder of Livol, Crazy Faith Ministries