1969 Bear team honored during Homecoming

Published 11:26 am Monday, October 28, 2019

On Friday night, October 25, at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School was packed with a variety of events. It began with a reception for the 1969-70 Little Cypress football team and coaches who had a perfect 10-0 season. This group was also recognized during halftime at the game.

Coaches for the 1969 Team were Frank Beauchamp, Riley Burnett, Gary Clark, Jim Crossland, Jerry McDonald, Bill Parker, Preston Prince and Billy Wills.

Players included  Mike Alexander, Harold Anderson, Tommy Barnwell, Charles Blohm, James Brewer, Bill Brimm, Justin Brister, William Brown, Kenneth Buckley, Steve Bull, Lanny Burks, Juan Cantu, Daryl Carr, David Clark, Walter Clark, Floyd Conway, Kent Crow, Robert Daniels, Don Dean, Mike Donnad, Jimmy Funchess, Jimmy Harris, Audie Horn, Jack Huffman, Curtis Hughes, Greg Jay, Alan Kite, Norris Leger, Eddie Lewis, Vernon Long, Richard Lormand, Jimmy Ray McClain, Alan Moody, Mike Morgan, Phil Pennington, Jon Person, Billy Pitcher, Steve Russell, Greg Sherrill, Richard Sherrill, Kenneth Slaughter, Tommy Smith, Dean Snyder, David Teal, Mike Tillman, Ricky Trahan, John Watson, Chris Wright, and Randy Wright.