LCM receives scholarship from Schneider Electric

Published 1:31 pm Sunday, October 27, 2019

To The Leader


Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD entered into a public-private partnership with Schneider Electric in 2010 to leverage the District’s energy budget to fund much-needed energy and infrastructure upgrades designed to save money and improve the learning environment for its students. Notable improvements include upgrading air handling units, installing an energy management system, and retrofitting lighting.

During the performance period of the project, it has generated over $687,400 in energy savings. The project also helped to reduce Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD’s energy usage by 46 percent. The project has also created a sizable environmental impact on the local community by provided energy efficiency savings equivalent to removing 911 cars from the road for one year, planting 1,238 acres of new trees or removing 4,098 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The project builds on Schneider Electric’s expertise in delivering energy efficiency solutions in Texas, having implemented more than 242 energy efficiency projects for over $383 million in total achieved savings throughout the state. This project delivery method helps publicly funded entities make capital improvements over longer payback periods and offers many long-term benefits such as improved facility efficiency, occupant comfort, financial management, and environmental protection.