Voluntary recycling program starts this week

Published 6:31 am Wednesday, October 23, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Recycling returns to Orange, for those who want to participate, ahead of the self-imposed goal of Nov. 15.

America Recycles Day is Nov. 15 and the day Sandra Hoke, member of Keep Orange County Beautiful and one of the “Trashy Ladies” had previously stated, “it would be great if we could get this in place by then.”

After Orange County lost its recycling services in August, members from local group Keep Orange County Beautiful went searching for solutions, finding Utah-based recycling company, Recyclops, online, according to a previously published Orange Leader article. 

For rural places like Orange County that experience greater difficulty with community recycling, Ryan Smith, a Brigham Young University graduate, founded Recyclops.

The company has seen success in rural parts of Utah, Idaho, Arizona and the Dallas area of Texas since Smith, also the CEO, founded it in 2013.

Based on the idea that recycling should be easy and convenient, Recyclops operates on a two-step platform: place all unsorted recyclables in a designated bag, and then put the bags curbside on pick-up days. Depending on one’s location in the county it will be the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays for the West side of the county or the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month for the east side of the county. 

Recyclops will pick up unlimited plastic bags of unsorted recyclables placed curbside twice per month for $10. Account-holders can also schedule pick-ups at other times, and commercial accounts can be made available with slightly modified requirements. Payments are made completely online.

The company offers its own plastic bags for $10 a box for approximately 160 bags, making the identification of the recyclable bags easier.

The company utilizes local drivers and small trucks to pick up recyclables and store them in a container in one central location until its full, and then the container is taken to a sorting facility.

Recyclops picks up all paper, plastic, cardboard and metal recyclables, but does not accept glass, Styrofoam, motor oil, insecticides, hazardous chemical containers, plastic bags or tarps.

It took less than a month for the company to receive the 300 minimum households to sign up to schedule the pickup dates. 

“They still have people signing up,” Sandra Hoke said.

“Our curbside pick-up service makes it easy for you to recycle. No extra trips to a drop off bin and back.  We get it, it’s hard to find time to get to a recycling facility and doing so is time-consuming. Our service saves you time, money and reduces CO2 emissions,” according to Recyclops website.

To sign up, visit https://recyclops.com//