Newton County Sheriff’s Report 10.21.19

Published 11:21 am Monday, October 21, 2019

PRESS RELEASE — This storm that came in this morning (Monday) made it a bad way to start a week. The week will get better. Let’s see what’s been going on.

Let me start off by asking you to remember the Hughes family in your prayers. We lost Paul Sunday morning.

Deer camps are getting hit. Let your club buy some game cameras and get them put up around the camp. Nothing beats a picture of the thugs in action. Within the last week or so, two bad guys were caught on camera.

Chief Deputy Hall got some information on a burglary. After looking into it, she recovered several stolen items. Two suspects in jail. Had them both on video cameras. Good job Cynthia.

I know this is old hat but, please be careful when zeroing your rifles in for deer season. Several calls this weekend about shooting rifles towards homes or vehicles. Please be careful.

Son and step-dad got into fight. Son left before we got there. Son ran over family rose bushes and step-dad filed charges for assault, then went to hospital.

Sorry so short. Gotta go. Thought for the week: Make peace with your past so it does not affect the present. Ya’ll have a great week and if we can help, just holler. God Bless.