LTTE: Fire Prevention Week

Published 5:50 pm Saturday, October 12, 2019

Dear City of Orange and The Orange Leader,

My family and I attended the celebration of Fire Prevention Week at the downtown fire station on Tuesday, and I want to thank all involved for the good time we experienced. I think all kids in the USA for generations have had a field trip to their local fire station and enjoyed it immensely and remember it even years later. This one though seemed extra special!

It had history – the first fire truck bought by Orange for $9,000 in the early part of the last century, expensive even then compared to the million-dollar one they’ve got now. It was interesting – how three shifts of firemen live there in the same place. It was informative – how the Stark Foundation helped financially with the new building, that firefighters carry a 75-lb. pack with them and which ones go first into a fire, etc. And fun and exciting: the kids getting to sit in the fire trucks, see an ambulance, handle the fire hoses, do an obstacle course to learn the dead-man drag, etc. Not to mention the eats and souvenirs, which were just great – especially the little firemen hats. Lots of opportunities for pictures! The firemen themselves made us all feel welcome! Professional yet friendly.

Thanks very much! Our little boy had a great time, and so did my wife and I. We’re new emigrants to Orange and were very impressed by this display of community caring.


Chris Slack