Eight year old bakes to raise funds for flood victims

Published 9:20 am Wednesday, October 2, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader

Abby, a third grade student at Bridge City Intermediate School, is working on a Sunday School project to grow her talents by baking cakes with her grandmother, Ann Brown, as they use the funds from selling the delicious desserts to raise funds to those who flooded during Tropical Storm Imelda in September.

“My 8 year old granddaughter Abby and I are making pumpkin Bundt cakes and selling them,” Brown said. “All proceeds will go to help area flood victims.”

It began as a Sunday School project at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, in Bridge City. A project designed in teaching and training children to be responsible stewards begins in childhood and continues throughout their lives.

“This project will encourage Abby to share her God-given gifts and abilities by helping others, teach her the importance of “growing” her talents, and to be a generous steward through tithes, offerings, and service,” Brown said.

Together, the duo has baked and sold 42 pumpkin Bundt cakes.

The two are not alone in their endeavors as they are using Abby’s great-great-grandmother’s recipe and wearing her great-grandmother’s apron as she bakes.

“Abby and I have so much fun in the kitchen together and this is for such a worthy cause. It’s been therapeutic for me as well. My mom passed away 8 months ago,” Brown said. “This is keeping their memory alive.”

Abby is not new to serving her community. She also visits nursing homes with her grandmother when school is not in session.

“I have taken her to area nursing homes to volunteer since she was just a baby,” Brown said. “She loves to paint nails and help with playing Bingo. She just loves it.”