Story Over a Cup: Episode IV: A New Hope

Published 7:18 pm Saturday, September 28, 2019

It is a time of strife.

The dogs having succeeded in making enough noise and causing enough mayhem to have the wife banish me to my room. I figured I could get some work done.

But the universe had other things in mind…

Why is it when you desperately need something done, the cosmos conspires against you?

So, the laundry and dishes are done.

I had settled down to tackle some writing. The last few days had put me behind and I needed to catch up.

Full coffee cup and keyboard at the ready, I was ready to be the warrior of the written word. A modern Shakespeare. Coffee shaken, not stirred.

Call me Bard. The Bard.

My fingers stretch over the keyboard. I am in the zone. 

Jada was whining.

She wanted me to pet her while feeding her and letting her go for a walk. But of course, before I was ready to write she was sleeping. 

Okay, so I put her out.

Now let me tackle some writing. I am in the zone, just call me the Word Master. Put a dictionary in front of me right now. I will show it who’s boss.

The phone is ringing. 

It never rings. 

I wasn’t even sure at first it was my phone. I don’t get calls.

“We noticed you signed up for more information for diabetes products…”

Click. Really? A robocall.

Back to work.


Bernie apparently had seen something and was barking furiously at it. Before the second bark, Bill and Roswell have joined in. 

Then Jada. 

They were all asleep before and I needed to get the article done. 

Fine. Nothing outside. 

I give them treats and get back in the zone. I am about to tear up some writing. The word document won’t know what hit it… 

New message. 

My phone was silent all morning. When I was dead bored, nothing.


What do you want to do for dinner?

It’s not even noon! 

Spaghetti, I guess? I will pull out some ground beef and put it in the sink to thaw. 

That done, I am back in front of the computer. I take a deep breath.


The boys are fighting or playing in the living room. 

Honk! A car outside. 

Woof! The boys are barking at the said car. 

Crash! Something just fell from the boys going nuts. 

More barking, this time Jada is joining in. 

The phone is now ringing again. No, I don’t have time to take a survey. 

Finally all quiet. 

A sigh of new hope.

A message…How is the article coming?



Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not writing, he is plotting global domination. You can follow him at