Number the Stars

Published 4:16 pm Saturday, September 28, 2019

St. Mary Catholic School’s sixth grade is reading and discussing the important aspects of Number the Stars, a novel about a young girl’s contribution to the resistance movement in Denmark during World War II. Annemarie Johansen, a 10-year old girl living in Copenhagen, is faced with the knowledge that the Nazis are beginning to “relocate” the Jews in her city. Ellen Rosen, a neighbor, and classmate of Annemarie’s is Jewish. Through a series of small acts of bravery, Annemarie and her family help the Rosen’s escape into neighboring Sweden. Mrs. JoAnn Sparacino, the Language Arts teacher, will continue to add to these story maps so they can be used as a study guide for the final assessment. Pictured are (top left to right) Paityn Golden, Catherine Doan, and Paige McKee.  Bottom are Ethan Davidson and Grace Wimberley.