What a Difference a Week Makes

Published 3:42 pm Thursday, September 26, 2019

This time last week, Orange County Residents were dealing with Tropical Storm Imelda. Here are some of the photos you shared of the storm

Randy Strong/The Orange Leader
A young deer braved rising floodwater on Thursday off Interstate10 feeder road just west of Farm to Market Road 1442 as it searches for higher ground.

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader
Pinehurst Fire Department continues with rescues as residents in the Camelot area saw rising waters on Friday morning.

Kathryn Comeaux Freeland My aunt’s house of terry road in orangefield

Kaci McKay My parent’s house! Yes, it took on water! Behind trampoline USA by i10 & 62.

Angie Peters Jordan Isabell Dr., Forrest Heights addition, Orange…

Veronica L Ringwall Neighborhood by LCM elementary

Deven Peveto Michael Around our home in Orangefield behind Anderson gully on hwy 105

Charlie Thomas At my best friends parents house at 10:15am

Justin Journeay Strong road off of 1442

Melanie Richardson Marino The fire department putting out an awful house fire across the road on 1442. Heartbreaking.

Hector Maldonado Dewitt Lane flooded. 3 inches in the lower parts of my house. Piers section is still good.

Savannah Sartin Granger Lane Orangefield

Savannah Sartin Orangefield Bridge

Janie Droddy Shackelford South Terry Road and Ollia Rd

James Journeay Hwy 12 in Mauriceville.

Kathryn Comeaux Freeland Mary Williams cemetery off olla and cajun way

Justin Journeay Hwy 12 mauriceville

Brenda Kervin Thomas 1130 after Little Cypress Jr High

Hector Maldonado Photos drying out..

Aisha Trahan Mauriceville around 9 am. Has went up since

Barbara Jane Hanneman FM 1130 between DeWitt and Arrow

Kelly Marshall Bonura Off of bilbo road mauriceville

Savannah Sartin 1442 Orangefield Burger Town

Aisha Trahan South bilbo off highway 12

Jackie Dempsey Denham Marguarite in Kinard Estates

Kelly Marshall Bonura Bilbo road

Alayce Glende Hudnall Rd

Savannah Sartin Oila rd Orangefield

Jesi Kirkland On Royal Oaks Cir

Niki Johnson Monceaux

Niki Johnson Monceaux

Tracy Peveto Brent Peveto checking out the road

Amy Boatright

Tracy Peveto

Jesi Kirkland

Deven Peveto Michael

Ashley Jones-Simmons

Lora Talbert

Kristinen Kevin Basden

Kristinen Kevin Basden

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader
One of many Vidor residents attempting to dry out belongings after TD Imelda flooded parts of the county with a record amount of rains last week.

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader

Photo Courtesy Oscar Mont. South Vidor 2019

North Orange Baptist Church is serving as a Red Cross Shelter. Items are coming in but they still need plenty more to help people across the area.
Van Wade/The Orange Leader

Guy Matt, of Vidor, calms down his beautiful dog “Baby Girl” at North Orange Baptist Church Friday. NOBC is currently serving as a Red Cross Shelter.
Van Wade/The Orange Leader