Dow supports TS Imelda relief, recovery and resiliency in Southeast Texas

Published 6:12 am Wednesday, September 25, 2019

To The Leader


In response to the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Imelda in Southeast Texas, Dow and The Dow Chemical Company Foundation are taking a number of actions to support immediate relief as well as support for the Company’s impacted employees.  The primary concern right now is the safety of Dow employees and communities impacted. 

Actions being taken include:

Employee Support:

  • Offering temporary housing for employees who have incurred flooding and need longer-term accommodations.
  • Offering $10,000 interest-free loans for impacted employees.
  • Offering temporary services such as transportation and storage.
  • Volunteer teams assisting with muck outs and home cleanup.

Community Support:

Immediate Relief: Dow is collaborating with local partners providing critical services to individuals immediately affected by the flood.  

Specifically, through financial support and employee volunteerism, Dow is working closely with United Way Orange County, Red Cross, and Orange County Disaster Rebuild who are providing critical services to individuals immediately affected by the flood. 

Dow is allocating $5,000 to Red Cross to assist with shelters in the Southeast Texas Region and $20,000 to United Way.

Long-term Recovery: As recovery and rebuilding efforts begin, Dow will continue to monitor and engage community partners through Orange County Disaster Rebuild and the United Way Orange County to assess and respond to community needs not currently identified across the region.

Texas is home to approximately 12,000 Dow employees and contractors. Communities impacted where Dow sites are located include Sabine River Operations and the Beaumont Site.