Residents asked to complete Imelda Damage Survey

Published 11:54 am Sunday, September 22, 2019

PRESS RELEASE — Orange County Emergency Management Officials are continuing recovery efforts and will be out in affected areas over the next several days assessing and documenting damage. These teams will be in Sheriff’s Office vehicles or Road and Bridge vehicles. To assist in assessing and documenting the damage, the teams may be taking photographs and using drones during daylight hours.

To provide assistance to Orange County citizens in the most efficient and accurate way we are asking each citizen affected by Tropical Storm Imelda to complete the IMELDA DAMAGE SURVEY located on Orange County’s website
The objective of this survey is to:
• Assess and identify damages and needs within the community
• Effectively allocate money, materials, and resources
• To pinpoint areas most affected for priority response
• Provide disaster relief organizations with an accurate list of affected homes
Citizens need to understand this survey:
• Will NOT register you with FEMA
• Does NOT replace your personal insurance claim
• Does not guarantee assistance to your property
• Will be shared with our disaster relief organizations database for relief distribution