Story Over a Cup: Muddy water takes on soapy water for the win

Published 10:00 am Saturday, September 21, 2019

Michael Cole

This rewrite is, I guess, both an exercise in procrastination and observation.

Procrastination for the simple reason as I have other article topics I have planned, just keep putting them off.

And observation, you can’t help but notice things in the middle of a tropical storm.

My observations, as usual, are centered around my dogs usually. Working from home, they occupy a good portion of my day. So, I cannot help but notice changes in their routines.

The day started like probably everyone else’s in Orange. A lot of thunder, lightning, and rain. 

Lots of rain. 

The dogs, for the most part, surprised me. The boys were taking it in stride. But, loud noises like that never seemed to bother them.

Jada was another problem.

At 13, she doesn’t like breaks in her routine and storms at night interfere with her sleep. She, therefore, was sitting in the middle of my bed barking at the storm.

That didn’t, unfortunately, scare Imelda away.

So, we watched the waters rise over the next few hours. My wife pointed out our trash can was now across the yard. 

By morning, our yard was flooded. Well, it wasn’t as bad as our neighbors. We have always been lucky there. But sections were flooded.

I had just fed the dogs when a thought crossed my mind. How will they go to the bathroom?

They hate baths, how will they take flood waters.

Seems that in dog sense carrying on and acting up in the rain is a favorite past time for dogs. I am guessing that soap induced water is of Satan in the dog world where mud added water is of heaven.

Picture this: Yard of mud. Yard of rising water. Rain falling steady. Three frolicking dogs. Enjoying going from mud puddle to mud puddle. Playing.

I guess they thought, somehow, they would save the community if they brought in as much of the mud and water as possible.

The only one who didn’t like the rain and wet was Jada. She put one paw in the water and decided that she could hold it till the rain stopped.

She was not going to walk in the water to get to her favorite spot.

I was left with no choice but to pick up a dog that doesn’t like to be picked up, carry said dog struggling to get loose across a soaked and flooded yard all while not falling.

You are talking to a person that can trip on a flat surface.

My boys thought that was an invitation to play. Jada thought she was going to melt and proceeded to run across the yard back for the home, without touching the water.

Now, I am standing in the middle of a mud puddle, covered in mud and three excited dogs kicking up water around me.

The idea that they will all need baths crosses my mind.

This will not be fun. I walk back to the house to grab the supplies to give them baths. 

The boys are still going nuts having fun.

That is, until they see me grab the hose and the dog shampoo and suddenly water becomes evil. Three dogs scatter now deathly afraid of getting wet.

Just things I observe.

Well, till later keep the cups full and the coffee warm.


Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not writing, he is plotting global domination. You can follow him at