Positive Highlights: Offering a stylistic touch

Published 8:44 am Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Mary Ekene

Lisa Hunter decided to take Cosmetology classes her 11th grade school year.  She took some classes and continued for the rest of her hours in the summer. She still needed to complete a few more hours and started to prepare for her senior year in high school.  

Mrs. Hunter graduated high school in 1987 and went back that summer to complete her hours for Cosmetology.  

In December 1987, she finally completed Cosmetology school and decided to own her own salon.  Her father Earl V. Thomas Sr. bought her a little house and she turned it into a salon in Orange, Texas.

Lisa’s HairT’Que was born and she was very proud of the fruit that was produced.  

In 1994, she moved to her location on 10th street and has been at that same location for 25 years.  

In 30 years, Mrs. Hunter and her husband built a brand new salon and will continue to provide great service to her community.  Lisa Hunter is married to Demetrius Hunter and she has three children.  

The City of Orange is proud of you Mrs. Hunter and continues to keep these heads looking beautiful with your special stylistic touch. 


Mary Ekene/ Activist & Author for Bring Positivity Back and Owner & Founder of Livol