Mayor: Tearing down Lions Den Park is not an option

Published 5:26 am Wednesday, September 18, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr. describes Lions Den Park as a landmark attraction for children within the community and the county.

“Tearing down the park is not an option,” Spears said on Tuesday. “Rebuilding it, improving it and adding additions to it are goals the council is working towards.”

Ways to improve the park have been mentioned during budget talks each year. One year, the concentration was on improving the pavilion used for birthdays and other family events.

Depending on ones source, commercial playground equipment can range from 15-25 years if made of steel, 10 -15 years if it is made of wood.

Lions Den Park is 20 years old. 

“We want to revamp it, which may mean to start over,” Spears said. 

Spears said the council has requested $530,000 be set aside for the park in this budget and then have more funds set aside next year for the park.

“We want to maximize the potential, and work with companies and volunteers,” Spears said. “It is a chance to make a #BoomPow experience for the kids.”

Spears has served on the council since 2014. When he first ran for a seat, his position was to find ways to bridge the gaps to improve the city for the children. 

“We, the council, would never take this city backwards,” Spears said.

Members of the council will attend a Texas Municipal League conference in October.

During the conference, the council members will see new playscapes and find ways to add to the Lions Den Park experience.

“We are looking for ways to make it better for the kids,” Spears said. “We are here to do anything possible to promote the community. Kids are number one to keep involved, encouraged and proud to live in Orange.”