660 more ITC fire cases filed by Brent Coon & Associates

Published 3:06 pm Wednesday, September 18, 2019

LinkedIn photo; Matt Willis Lead attorney for BCA

Attorneys at Brent Coon & Associates in Houston filed six hundred and sixty (660) new claims against the Intercontinental Terminals Corporation (ITC), filing in Texas State District Court late yesterday afternoon.

Allegations ranging from acute respiratory injuries and personal injury damages to lost business and wages from the closing of the shipping channel and the inability of many to leave their home or get to work were prominent among the claims being filed.

Shortly before 11 a.m. on March 17, 2019, the naphtha storage tank at the ITC storage facility ignited first from a leak in a pipe.  

The flames spread to nearby tanks, and tanks containing naphtha and xylene, petrochemicals used to make gasoline, were burning early Monday.  

The fire in Deer Park, Texas, burned for four days before being extinguished. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Harris County have been in legal battles over spills at the facility in previous years, according to court documents

“ITC’s conduct was not only grossly negligent, but it was criminal”, said Matt Willis lead attorney for BCA.  “Both Harris County and the State of Texas have filed criminal charges against them.  Sadly, we believe the evidence will show that this entire calamity was preventable.  This environmental tragedy not only affected those who have to work in this plant but those who live, work and/or own and operate businesses in the vicinity.  In addition to personal injuries suffered from inhaling the toxic plume, ITC caused significant interruption in their lives, the use, and enjoyment of their property, and interruption of their businesses and business practices.”