From the publisher: Biden the gaffer versus Trump the troller

Published 9:18 am Saturday, August 31, 2019

Bobby Tingle, Publisher

Former Vice President Joe Biden is on the campaign trail to upset President Donald Trump in 2020.  Recently while speaking at a campaign stop, he told his audience something along the lines of poor kids are as smart as white kids.


I wonder where the gaffe police are.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have social media, messaging apps and the ability to record images in snapshots or videos with devices we routinely carry on our person.  

These communication media and information gathering tools turn every living human being into a reporter of the latest breaking news.

And we are obsessed with it.

That is not good for ‘Biden the gaffer’.

You ‘gotta’ admit Joe Biden is a master at putting his foot in his mouth.  

As most politicians are prone to do, he always attempts to ‘repair the damage’ in an insincere or incredible manner.  I think he would be better off taking his pretty white hair and deep brown tan to the salon in a marketing role.

All he would have to do is stand there and smile while someone else says, ‘look what we can do.’

As for Trump, I suspect the rumors of his insanity are inaccurate.  His ‘trolls’ get a lot of attention.  

For the most part, they are directed at public figures.  And he seems to generally make the folks mad and the rest either support him or just shake their head as if to say, ‘was that really necessary, c’mon man’.

Regardless of your stance on the political scene, I think you can find some humor in it all.

We probably take both of them way to serious.

There are much more important things in life.


West Orange-Stark Mustangs versus Nederland Bulldogs


By the time you read this, the game will be over and the score will be recorded forever in the Saturday, August 31 edition of The Orange Leader.

Either the Mustangs or the Bulldogs will prevail.

Coach Cornell Thompson is famous for his speeches, which are entertaining and informative.

Each summer, he has the same thought about football coaches throughout the land and at all levels.

‘Aspirations are high for the coming season.’

I have come to appreciate Coach T.  He, his staff and his players have done well on the football field.  The credit goes to all of the above.  

But the leader has to lead.

Coach Monte Barrow leads the Bulldogs.  He was scheduled to meet Coach T and the Mustangs at home two years ago.  They never played.

Last year, Barrow brought the dogs to the Mustangs home and barely left with a win.

The record between Barrow and Coach T is one to nill.

Will Coach T even the score?  

I predict not.  So, if you are reading this you can do an instant prediction check.

I predict the final score will be Nederland Bulldogs 17 and West Orange-Stark Mustangs 14.

It should be a squeaker.  Coach T doesn’t give up many points.  Barrow is a former quarterback.

It will be a great football weekend.


Drilling holes in stainless steel with water and grit


American Airboats in Orange has a unique piece of equipment, which uses water and a gritty, powdery substance to drill intricate designs in stainless steel.  The stainless steel metal sheets are roughly a half-inch or so thick. They can cut it to the shape they need to build airboats. They can also ‘cut’ intricate designs.  

Recently they were working on a boat for a beer distributor.  One boat had the logo of a well-known brand engraved on a plate of stainless steel to adorn the boat.

Technology is amazing.


Bobby Tingle is the publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at