Talking about parenting: People of Orange County are quick to help each other

Published 1:14 am Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Chris Kovatch

Lending a hand to a neighbor in need is something that our community does extremely well and without a second thought. Whether it be providing food, eyeglasses, school supplies, or any other need that arises, the people of Orange County are quick to help each other out.

This past week, an observed need that is present on a large scale was presented at a Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce meeting I was attending. The need presented was something, honestly, I take for granted. 

When school starts, we are fortunate enough to be able to take our children shopping for back to school clothes. It is something that is almost second nature to us.

Many children in our area start back to school wearing clothes that do not fit them or are damaged. For whatever reason, they are not able to purchase new clothing for the school year. 

When I heard this, I thought back to my days as a student and how I felt when I got a new pair of shoes or a new outfit. I was proud. I felt better about myself. I had more determination in my step. 

Then I thought what would I have felt like if I never got to experience that? Kids have to deal with a lot of different things now that I didn’t have to cope with as a child. 

What if we could make it a little easier for them? I am all for children learning how to handle issues, but it is important to remember at the end of the day…they are kids.

The chamber issued a call to its members to reach out to the school district of their choosing and provide some sort of support whether it be $20 or $100. What a great way is there to help a child in need feel a bit better about themselves and let them know that their community cares about them! 

I urge you to make a donation if you can or reach out to your local school district and see if there is another way that you can help. 

Together we can continue on our path to ensuring Orange County is a great place to live and work.