From the publisher: Trump country along ‘the ten’, the ‘super duper’

Published 6:59 am Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Bobby Tingle, Publisher

A guy from California who once lived and worked in the area called Interstate 10, ‘the ten’, which always struck me as a bit funny.

My uncle called any interstate highway the ‘super-duper’.  He was a country boy from Dry Prong, Louisiana. If you know where Dry Prong is then you may be a bit country also.

We have our own stretch of the ‘super-duper’ or ‘ the ten’ running through our fair city.  Although it is currently under renovation, some along the stretch are able to attract attention as passersby make their way west.

According to an article published at on November 8, 2016, a ‘Swamp Thing’ emerged from Blue Elbow Swamp to perch beside ‘the ten’.

“Swamp Thing” was tall rising to at least ten feet in height on the side of the ‘super-duper’.  He (Could it possibly be a she?) had two legs, two arms, a torso, wide shoulders, a neck, and a head.

It appeared to be covered in long flowing hair, literally covered from head to toe.  But alas, a few years later it began to go bald.

It happens to the best of us.  Just ask Van Wade to take his hat off and you will see what I mean.

He is not there anymore.

The rumor is “Swamp Thing” is undergoing intense therapy to restore his lost mane.

As you drove by though you couldn’t help but wonder why he had a sign across his torso.

The sign was simple and only one word, TRUMP.

At one time, he was even known to display a harmful message, “Drain the Swamp”.

Why would “Swamp Thing” want to do harm to his home?  Sounds a bit sinister.

Another rumor was substantiated by a recent visit to American Airboats Corporation located at the end of the first ‘super-duper’ exit ramp as you go west on ‘the ten’ after crossing the Sabine River.

When “Swamp Thing” has recovered, he will resume his post and sport a blue flag according to Megan Wood of American Airboats.

Wood has a MAGA hat proudly displayed on the wall behind her desk as you walk in the office.  She has plans for “Swamp Thing” to display her blue flag, which seems curiously political.

It’s message, “TRUMP 2020”.

Surely “Swamp Thing” would not take up with the very villain out to drain his swamp and do his home harm?

Its possible Wood has coerced him to ‘campaign’ for ‘the orange leader’, the current POTUS (President of the United States).  There is no doubt Wood is all in for getting him reelected.

Or maybe ‘Swamp Thing’ really does what him to be reelected.

The rest of the folks in the office seem all in too.

And they aren’t bashful about it.  It seems since the current POTUS took office their business is way up.

Folks are coming out of the woodwork in need of airboats.

Sounds like a mutually beneficial relationship.


Wood knows her flag proudly displayed on her wall is of little use.  By letting ‘Swamp Thing’ display it along ‘the ten’ all those passing by on the ‘super-duper’ get a reminder to keep Trump as POTUS.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at