Mt Olive Baptist Church starts Peer Mentoring Program

Published 3:38 am Saturday, August 24, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Reading, writing, and arithmetic. 

Mt Olive Baptist Church is starting a Peer Mentoring Program on Sunday to help the students in its congregation be better students.

“We have retired or active teachers in our congregation,” Rev. Ronnie A.E. Crockett Sr. said. “This is to help the young ones on up through high school.”

While the church is limiting the program to those who are members of the church, they hope it spread to other churches.

“We hope it encourages others to do positive things,” Crockett said. 

To date, 24 students have preregistered for the program which will meet on the second and fourth Sunday each month for an hour after church.

“We hope to encourage others to do what they can within the congregation,” Crockett said.

The church recently participated in offering school supplies and haircuts to students, events which were open to everyone.

The church wants to keep the classes small enough to be able to give the students special attention so they may improve their basic skills and become better students