Small town choir girl makes big time gospel lights

Published 8:57 am Wednesday, August 21, 2019

By Krista Salter

The Orange Leader

Years ago, you could find 27-year-old Kayva Offord singing in local church choirs and family gatherings as she grew up in her hometown of Orange.

In 2019, Offord became a face of gospel music for the community when she took to the big lights on BET’s gospel competition show, Sunday Best.

Thousands of people from across the world auditioned, Offord being one of 20 to make it on to the show.

With one show left to air, Offord admitted, “I didn’t win, but it was such a great experience. Just being in the Top 20 out of thousands of talented gospel singers meant a lot.”

Being on television and in front of a big crowd was “different” for Offord, but her passion for singing gospel is nothing new.  Born and raised singing in church, Offord said her entire family often sits and sings gospel together for the fun of it. 

She said moments like that growing up blossomed into a love for singing in the choir at church and school.

 “Singing in choirs in Orange growing up really cultivated my gift, and I’m so grateful for it,” Offord explained. “I cherish those moments with my family singing and having those worship moments is everything to me.”

About Sunday Best, Offord said she watched it growing up, “with music that just grabbed my attention.”

Offord said she sings with a group in Houston currently where she’s currently living and spending time as a worship leader at her local church.

“Growing up in Orange and going to church Sunday mornings, and having my family still there, has kept me grounded in community and in the church,” Offord said. “They taught me I can do whatever I believed I could do.”

The final episode of Sunday Best is set to air Aug. 25 on BET.