Positive Highlights: Raising our standards, attitudes higher

Published 12:10 pm Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mary Ekene

Summertime is over and there are several students that have started school. I cannot stress enough parents, teachers, and administrators on how important EDUCATION is.  

Yes, we hear every day that education starts at home, but it is very imperative that our educators realize how important it is for schools to hire teachers who are qualified in the subject they are teaching.  EDUCATION MATTERS AND IS IMPORTANT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR STUDENTS. 

This school year nationwide, I pray that schools pay close attention to students’ behaviors and help the ones who suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and mental illness. We often overlook the children who are fighting a hidden battle because we are numb to bullying and depression.  We focus so much on the students that stand out, the athletes or the ones who are popular.

 It is time for all of us; parents, teachers, administrators, principals, coaches, etc., to teach our children that education is very important and instill in our future leaders it starts with THEM.  

The rise of bullying, cyberbullying, depression, etc. is an all-time high and it takes both the parents and the schools to show our children they are loved.  

This school year, I pray each and every child takes their education, self-esteem, and attitudes higher in a positive direction.  Let us all pray that our students have a blessed, successful and safe school year. 

 Orange, Texas, it is our responsibility to encourage and lead our children. We are their mirrors; let our reflections be of unity and peace.


Mary Ekene/ Activist & Author for Bring Positivity Back/ Founder & CEO of Livol